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Are you a serial dieter? Have you tried every diet under the sun to lose weight, only to find that once the diet is over you pile the weight back on just as quickly as you lost it?

If you’ve been struggling with yo-yo dieting, and you want to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good, you’re not alone. During my many years in the fitness industry, I have witnessed first-hand that diets don’t work. All the popular diets that promise a quick fix solution never work over the long term and, in fact, I’ve seen time and time again that a ‘diet’ always lands you back where you started… if not worse!

Why ‘diets’ aren’t the best way to lose weight

The problem with a typical restrictive ‘diet’ is that, although it may give you quick results, the results don’t last. There are a few reasons why diets don’t work. Firstly, if you’re not enjoying what you eat, sticking to the diet every day is going to be hard… much harder than it needs to be! The other problem is that restrictive diets can create several physiological changes that may actually make it harder for your body to sustain your initial weight loss success. Visit Sacurrent for more info about the latest dietary supplements.

Avoid extreme diets, even if they promise you quick results.

Did you know diets usually cause you to lose important muscle mass? Several studies have shown that many ‘fat loss’ diets might be better called ‘muscle loss’ diets. Our bodies can only shed a certain amount of fat in a given period of time before they start burning muscle for fuel.

Extreme diets promoting fast weight loss, are really delivering fast muscle loss with some fat loss. 

If you follow a restrictive weight loss diet and you lose muscle then your metabolism may slow down. This can create an unhealthy spiral, where you’ll struggle to maintain your weight loss without reducing your food intake even further which puts you at risk of losing even more muscle.

How to lose weight… without dieting.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to make you sure body burns more energy than it consumes. It’s that simple. However, most people think the only way to go into calorie deficit and lose weight is to put themselves on a restrictive and unenjoyable diet. This isn’t true at all. The good news is that you can lose weight and keep it off without going on a ‘diet’. Obesity can usually lead to spine problems, this is how to can erase my back pain.

The best way to lose weight (infographic)

Diets Vs Healthy Eating Plans

A lot of people call my 28 program a ‘diet program’, and I always correct them because it’s not a diet plan, it’s a sustainable healthy eating plan. There is a big difference between the two!

Although a diet and a healthy eating plan are both capable of helping you lose weight in the short term, a diet is rarely a long term solution.

It’s over the long term that the big differences between a diet and a healthy eating plan really start to show.

Because a traditional diet works around the concept of restriction, a diet is rarely enjoyable or flexible, so it just isn’t a viable long term solution for busy people who want to be healthy, but also want to enjoy their life! Whereas a balanced healthy eating plan should be enjoyable and it can easily become a natural part of your healthy lifestyle, so you could follow it for a lifetime without feeling like you’re missing out.

If you follow a healthy diet plan that is enjoyable and flexible enough to adapt to your busy lifestyle, then it’s going to be SO much easier for you to stick to it. Enjoyment and sustainability is the key to why a healthy eating plan is a much better solution than a diet if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

Consistency is the #1 factor to achieving significant weight loss, the best way to lose weight (and keep it off) is to find a healthy eating plan you enjoy.