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Christopher Terry MosherOC

Aislin is the name of Terry Mosher’s eldest daughter, and the nom de plume he has used for over 40 as the political cartoonist for Montreal’s English-language daily newspaper The Gazette.  Mosher is also the President emeritus of the Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists.

Born November 11, 1942 in Ottawa, Ontario, Mosher attended fourteen different schools in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City, graduating from the École des Beaux-arts in 1967. He famously won entrance to this fine arts college (now part of UQAM) by forging his high-school graduation certificate, which he called his most successful work. He then began working for The Montreal Star, moving to the Montreal Gazette in 1972.

To date, forty-six Aislin books have been published. His latest collection of cartoons entitled THE WRECKING BALL, with an introduction by Chantal Hébert, will be published in the October of 2014.

Along with author Peter Desbarats, Terry Mosher wrote a history of Canadian political cartooning entitled THE HECKLERS that was published in 1979. A film, also entitled THE HECKLERS, and based on the book, was released by Canada’s National Film Board in 1980.

Mosher is a regular speaker on the topics of humour, history and the importance of cartooning as a communications tool. He has appeared at national conferences such as Idea City, the Banff Festival for The Arts, Montreal’s Canadian Club and numerous writers’ festivals. Mosher has also served as a judge and participant in International cartoon competitions and other gatherings, most recently in Portugal, Turkey, China, Australia and Cuba.

Terry Mosher has had a long association with The Old Brewery Mission, Montreal’s largest shelter for the homeless, and in 2001 he was appointed to the institution’s Board of Directors.

Filmmaker John Curtin won the Gemini for best biography documentary of 2007 for his Life and Times documentary on Terry Mosher entitled DANGEROUS WHEN PROVOKED,

In recognition of his charitable work and his contribution to the world of political cartooning, Mosher was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in May 2003. The winner of two National Newspaper Awards and a gold National Magazine Award. In May of 2007 Terry received an honorary Doctor of Letters from McGill University. In 2012 he was inducted into the Canadian Cartoonist’s Hall of Fame in a ceremony in Toronto as part of the 8th Annual Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning.

“Wickedly funny with a king-sized heart. How does this guy always manage to get it right?”
 –  Douglas Coupland

More information is available at: www.aislin.com

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