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Terry Mosher has been cartooning since 1967 under the pen name AISLIN. While Aislin’s career has been principally associated with the English-language newspaper The Montreal Gazette, his work has been reproduced far and wide. Many of Aislin’s 14,000 cartoons are now held in the collection of Montreal’s McCord Museum. Over the years, Mosher has written or contributed to 54 books.


His four most recent publications are:


Aislin’s Montreal To Moscow
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Aislin’s Favourite COVID Cartoons from Around the World
Montreal Gazette book review by Ian McGillis,
photos and video by Dave Sidaway

Over 100 cartoonists from 38 nations – 336 pages of cartoons on COVID-19 by Terry Mosher (Aislin) and his colleagues worldwide – Pulitzer Prize winners and small-town artists alike. All the artists donated their work to help raise money during the pandemic.
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A biography of the legendary Toronto Star cartoonist Duncan Macpherson (1924-1993).
A tribute to Mosher’s sometimes mentor, this collection of some of Macpherson’s best work, along with anecdotes that reveal the man behind the talent. The book can be ordered online from the publisher, McGill Queens University Press

Fifty Years of Aislin Cartoons

Published in 2017, with an introduction by Bob Rae, the book contains all of Aislin’s classic caricatures from the course of his career, accompanied by personal anecdotes and historical context. The book is self

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