Life and Times


Filmmaker John Curtin produced an episode of Life and Times on Terry Mosher entitled Dangerous When Provoked. It first aired on CBC television in August 2006.

The documentary has since gone on to win two Golden Sheaf awards at the 60th annual Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival in May 2007.

  Aislin: Dangerous when provoked documentary film poster

From the film's liner notes...

When Montreal cartoonist Terry Mosher dusts up the high and mighty, their bruised egos may need emergency room attention. Make that palliative care in the case of Brian Mulroney, who became Aislin’s favourite punching bag during nearly nine years in power.

The Tory prime minister probably felt picked on. But he shouldn’t have. Mosher is “an equal opportunity jabber and stabber,” says Montreal Gazette colleague and friend Josh Freed. “He’ll mug anybody.”

Just ask Joe Clark, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin or countless other Aislin victims. “Anyone as mean as this guy,” wrote American cartoonist Patrick Oliphant “is likely to be invited to go four rounds by the pope himself.”

But the master satirist, who has made a career out of unmasking others, is a bit of a mystery to those around him. “I don’t know the deep inside of Terry,” says Freed. “I don’t think anybody does.”

During his early years as an artist, Mosher wrestled with some powerful inner demons. Now 63, the cartoonist says he reached “the edge of oblivion” before resolving to change his life.