The Four Anglos of the Apocalypse
“Theatre it ain’t. But it’s the best political cabaret we’ve seen around here, which should be no surprise, considering that the four professional jokers have been helping the Anglo minority chez nous laugh at itself since before the fat unilingual lady left the downtown Eaton store and took the apostrophe with her.”

-- Matt Radz, The Gazette

Political cartoonist Terry Mosher stars in Four Anglos of the Apocalypse


This is a hilarious play on the subject of Anglo humour in Quebec, written by and starring comedians Bowser and Blue, Gazette humour columnist Josh Freed and cartoonist Aislin.

The production opened at Théâtre Lac Brome in Knowlton, Quebec during the summer of 2005. After 14 sold-out performances there, the play moved to Montreal's Centaur Theatre where it had three successive sold-out runs in October and December of 2005 and May of 2006.

More dates of the play are to be added in September of 2006. See the Centaur Theatre’s web site for updates.